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Timey Wimey Knits: Part Two

Onwards I go through my Doctor Who binge, the first I have done since I started watching it. It’s fun to view them all in order and refresh my memory on so many characters and episodes that I had forgotten.

I just watched the Wedding of River Song and oh, how I love her. She’s smart, she’s capable, she’s brutal. She parades into the Doctor’s life and doesn’t apologise for it. Though morally she’s not a particularly good person she does her best for the people she loves and boy, does she have good hair.

Sometimes Doctor Who can be a cheesefest (which is why I can’t convince my girlfriend to watch it) but on the whole it’s full of complex characters and big emotions. It’s easy to cry when watching Doctor Who but it’s just as easy to laugh.

Since I shared some of my favourite Doctor Who socks last week, here are a few more to warm you – this time with some variety. Tune in on Friday to see my completely-not-themed-but-still-counts ‘Come Along, Pond’ socks (you’ll see).

I’m in love with the Companions today so you’re getting ones themed around them, the constant complement to our favourite erratic Time Lord.

Let’s start with the biggest (on the inside).

And yes, the TARDIS counts as a companion, even if it was only for one episode. Oh, Idris. (Perhaps it’s the Doctor who is the Companion there…)

The Doctor’s Wife

by Corrine Walcher

Timey Wimey Knits - The Doctor's Wife

Oi! Watch it Spaceman! Socks

by C.C. Almon

Oi, Watch It Spaceman! - Timey Wimey Knits

River Song’s Diary

by hells456

River Song's Diary - Timey Wimey Knits

Hello, I’m Captain Jack

by C.C. Almon

Hello, I'm Captain Jack - Timey Wimey Knits

Come Along, Pond

by Teri B.

Come Along, Pond! - Timey Wimey Knits

 That’s it for this week. Next week we’re looking at some rather terrifying villains, though why you’d want to put anything reminding you of the Weeping Angels anywhere near your body I’m stumped.


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