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Come Along, Pond.

I’m knitting socks.

Okay, okay, try not to faint in shock. I know this is unusual and a little bit baffling. Polo, knit socks? Never! Except for those dozens of times, and all those socks I have planned for the future and all the skeins of pretty sock yarn and all the pairs suffering from Second Sock Syndrome…

These ones are made from glorious Manos del Uruguay. If you haven’t knitted with it before you need to head to your local yarn store and get some as soon as possible. It’s luscious.

The pattern is Business Casual and I’ve kind of stopped looking at it because it’s very intuitive, though considering my recent track record of messing up things when I glance away from the pattern for three stitches, maybe I should reconsider this. (You will be hearing more about that later, since I did the dumb thing and gifted the resultant mittens without getting photos.)

I’ve named them Come Along, Pond. Why? Well. Because they’re ginger, of course.

Come along, Pond!
Come along, Pond!

That’s what they look like inside but in natural light they’re far more red than it seems there. It’s orangey-red rather than just plain orange. This is a closer match to the colour:

image1 (1)

Can’t you feel how soft and smooth and fluffy that yarn is through the screen? You know you can. And isn’t it pleasing that the two-stitch cable pattern splits from the 2×2 rib of the cuff? Yes, yes it is. These socks are a dream to knit and my saviour in between fun but difficult patterns.

As an aside: I’m knitting them on my only pair of cubics and they’re great. No better than ordinary DPNs for me, though some people swear by them. The best thing is how they line up so neatly when you lay them down on the table. No more abrupt squats to pick up escaping needles!

Though squats do give you a fabulous derriere.

Amy Pond is one of my favourite characters in Doctor Who because she gets to live out such a huge part of her life and, more than most companions, she has the control. She says when she’ll go with the Doctor and when she won’t. She manages a life with her husband and the rest of their family and yet still gets to go off on adventures with her alien friend. She’s also totally hilarious and a bit mental, so I dig her.

These socks are in her honour as I come to the end of Eleven’s time in the show in my binge-rewatch.



7 thoughts on “Come Along, Pond.

  1. Yes, I do name my projects too! Even if I’m not a sock knitter. And I love how you made this a bit of a mystery: “The pattern is and I’ve…” So much suspense! 😉


  2. nice job! I have made a few pair of this pattern, and love it, all except the last row of the pattern where the stitches I need to cross are not on the same needle, but if I would pay attention and see that coming, I could get ready for it, right? Yes, I can feel that yarn, it is wonderful. Nice socks. 🙂


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