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Timey Wimey Knits: Part Three

You know what the problem with socks is? No one sees them. Especially in a Canadian winter; I have never once taken my boot off in the -15 Celcius weather to show someone my fancy handknit socks, and it’s a damn shame. Solution? Mittens.

Mittens aren’t very good when worn on your tootsies but they’re great for keeping your fingers warm while simultaneously being much easier for people to see. With that in mind, let’s fly our TARDIS geek flag high and have a look at these wondrous Doctor Who mittens in the latest of this series of Timey Wimey Knits posts.

There’s some fabulous patterns out there, people. If you do any of these, let me know! I love them all.

Dalek Mitts

by Kat Lewinski

Dalek mitts - Timey Wimey Knits

Wibbly Wobbly Mittley Wittley

by Therese Sharp

Wibbly Wobbly - Timey Wimey Knits

Warmer on the Inside

by Maire Martin

Warmer on the Inside - Timey Wimey Knits

Bow Ties are Cool

by SpillyJane

Bow Ties are Cool - Timey Wimey Knits

That’s it for today, but pop by next Wednesday for a jammy dodger and the last of this series of posts.

As an aside for those who got this far: I just finished Amy and Rory’s run of the show and I miss them terribly, but my sorrow is somewhat lessened by the lovely Clara Oswald. I had forgotten how much I like her.



9 thoughts on “Timey Wimey Knits: Part Three

  1. Love reading your posts and the pictures! I have a suggestion for you. As for showing off your fancy hand knitted socks, look online for clear shoes/boots. I bought a pair and they are neat. they protect your feet from the wet and your socks keep your toes toasty and people can see the socks right through the shoes!!!!! they are not very expensive. I found mine on EBAY.


  2. I’m knitting the Police Box Mittens by SpillyJane right now. I normally wouldn’t do colorwork in fingering weight, but I love the way they’re turning out. Now, if they would begin to go faster … 🙂


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