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Cables galore (and a disaster or two)

There is a forum on Ravelry where you can test-knit patterns for people (on a volunteer basis). It’s not for the highly technical side of editing but rather to check the pattern works and there are no glaring mistakes, and I’ve read the threads with interest for a long time.

About a month ago I loved one of the patterns I saw so I agreed to test knit it. There will be photos when it is blocked and the pattern is up on Ravelry, but for now let me explain JUST HOW MANY CABLES THERE WERE.

MANY. There were MANY cables. Upper case essential.

Aside from never wanting to do cables or bobbles ever again, I have enjoyed knitting it. I have not so much enjoyed the amount of times I’ve messed up cables and had to ladder my stitches down to the relevant row and redo the cables, though I have to admit it makes me feel like a bad-ass.

At one point I realised I had messed up about ten stitches two rows back and had to carefully drop the stitches in two catches, crossing the cables correctly and hooking the stitches back up to the current row. It took about half an hour of scowling at the yarn but somehow I managed it. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my efforts in real time.


And when it’s fixed…


Most knitting doesn’t bother my hands but I have to say cables make my fingers very sore afterwards. I think it’s time for a crochet project to give them time to recover.

Or I could just put down the yarn for a few days but let’s face it, that’s never going to happen.


4 thoughts on “Cables galore (and a disaster or two)

  1. And this is why I don’t do cables! They’re definitely badass and look amazing, but I don’t need my knitting to stress me out. Your cables look great; I’m impressed!


  2. I find that knitting with small needles makes my fingers ache (and for NaNo I got a blister). Try using a plaster (band-aid for Americans)- I find that it still gives me enough sensation to feel the knitting, but without hurting an already sore spot 🙂


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