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Featured Blog: Fiber Sprite

After a bit of a hiatus (sorry guys!) I am back to posting the featured blogs from those kind, lovely souls who supported my Kickstarter last year. I’m working hard on the knitted gifts and there are a few other blogs/shops to feature in the meantime.

If you’re expecting a gift it’ll be there in the next couple of months – as I said before, the response was much larger than expected so my timeline kind of flew out the window. But happily.

Today I’m featuring Fiber Sprite, a website by Pamela. It’s relatively new but there is tonnes of excellent content. In her own words:

Fiber Sprite is a new blog that focuses on all kinds of fiber art (mostly knitting, spinning, and weaving). You can also find the “Legend of the Fiber Sprite,” which is the story of my fiber journey.

I’m all about knitting origin stories as you know.

First up: the blog is adorable. I mean, way cuter than mine. I’d be jealous except I love it too much. It’s clean and bright but not at all sparse; it’s got enough content and pretty pictures to feel cosy and warm. Just what you need from a knitting blog.

If you’re looking for some post highlights, check out these links:

Fiber Sprite - Knitter Nerd

The day I’m half as classy as Pamela I can shut up shop and go home.

Again, check out Fiber Sprite, and please excuse me if I’ve managed to type it the English way (fibre). It’s baffling my brain!


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