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Featured Blog/Shop: Kniterary (this is my LYS!)

Okay, I’m going to admit to a TINY bit of bias here: Kniterary is my LYS (local yarn store) and I love it. It is run by my yarn dealer, Martina, who has Kniterary - Knitter Nerdbecome a good friend over the years of me turning up to fondle her wares. So to speak.

Martina has an online shop which you should check out. You can find it here.
With a whole bunch of different excellent yarns on sale there, you can also pop by the store yourself if you live in the Greater Toronto Area/Durham Region. It’s in downtown Whitby. To explain what an excellent store it is, let me tell you this: I lived in Whitby for six weeks, maximum, back in 2012. Yet I still go there. When I was stuck in the UK before my permanent residency came through I visited Ontario for two weeks and made special time to go to the yarn group on the Thursday night, even taking a few hours away from seeing my girlfriend. That’s how good it is.

The thing is with yarn stores is that they can have the best yarns in the world but without the community and the friendliness you’re not getting anywhere. Kniterary has everything you want in a LYS.

I promise to stop gushing if you go visit the store/online store. Go. Off with you. Shoo.


4 thoughts on “Featured Blog/Shop: Kniterary (this is my LYS!)

  1. I concur! I am so lucky to live walking distance from my happy place. Martina and Vickie can fix almost any error and suss out the problem of what ever poorly written pattern you can throw at them!


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