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Featured Blog: Sparrowpost

You may have seen Catherine around this blog. She’s certainly a familiar knitter for me and a total sweetheart to boot. (To boot: what does that even mean? I am resisting googling etymology or I’ll come back to this post three hours later with no idea what I’m doing.)

Catherine has helped me out with the Kickstarter campaign last year and along with a little gift through the post (soon), I’m sharing her website with you. It’s called Sparrowpost and it is just delightful.

Now, she doesn’t always write about knitting – or even that often. However even the most dedicated of knitters need time to think about something else and if you’re going to do that, go to Sparrowpost. Catherine writes about such a variety of subjects and, more importantly, she does it well. Just look at a quote from her recent post:

Summer is a claustrophobic time and winter is the great opening. We’re all exposed now, to the sun and wind and elements. Gracious green canopies no longer spread out in umbrella formations, bestowing dappled light and easier breathing. No, it’s time for sullen scolding winds and scudding clouds.

I don’t know about you, but I’m entranced. Go check out the rest of her blog for lovely almost dreamlike writing on a wild range of topics, and check out the featured image from this post to see how beautiful her photography is too.

Thank you, Catherine, for your generous help.


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