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This Post Contains Bad Words, Gasp

I am going to put most of this post behind a cut because of those with delicate sensibilities. Yes, that’s right readers, we have a rogue swear word in the house. In fibre. Knitted with complicated, fiddly stranded colourwork.

It’s basically the most old-fashioned way to be completely immature.

Usually I’m okay with swearing on this site because I’m foul-mouthed, but I try to keep it at a minimum and I think posting an enormous picture of this project is reaching even my limits.

So read on.

How cold is it? mittens - Knitter Nerd

These are for my boss, and yes she paid me rather than threatening to fire me if I don’t make them. I’ve made an identical pair before which I’ll share another time.

Pattern: How Cold Is It?

Designer: Drunk Girl Designs

The mitts are especially apt as southern Ontario is currently suffering a stark reminder that we do in fact live quite far north; it’s -10°C here at the moment and expected to get as low as -24°C over the weekend. For a while there I thought I`d get through the entire winter without frost on my eyebrows but that record was broken yesterday.

So there we have it; a project that amuses the fuck out of me every time I look at it.


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