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Bookish Knits: Agatha Christie Edition

I was 10% through my collection of Agatha Christies rescued from various secondhand stores when my friend came to me and offered a full collection. Yep. That’s right. The full set in matching editions. I gasped and jumped at the chance and, while they’re currently in England because heavy to ship, they are one of my favourite things.

Agatha Christie always kept you guessing. Sometimes I even forget the bad guy in books I’ve already read. In honour of one of my favourite authors (and definitely my favourite mystery author), please enjoy a collection of patterns inspired by her greatness.

The Big Four

by Maureen Foulds

Maureen Foulds - The Big Four
Picture credit at pattern link

Spoiler: I know Maureen in real life so I am biased, but her patterns are gorgeous and very fun. I knit these socks and the pattern is enchanting and, even better, they make very comfortable and stylish additions to my sock drawer.

Agatha C.

by Emma Grundy Haigh

Agatha C - Knitter Nerd
Picture credit at pattern source

Agatha Christie was a classy lady, so why not emulate her with some classy socks? The complicated twists in the pattern even mirror her expert plots.

Mo’ Sister

by Kate Quinn

Picture credit at pattern source

Though you will never knit a mustache as perfect as Poirot’s, you can certainly give it a go.

Miss Marple Scarf

by SusanneS-vV

Miss Marple Scarf - Knitter Nerd
Picture credit at pattern source

Considering she is the patron saint of knitters, Miss Marple should have her place in every wardrobe. This scarf is stylish and echoes many of the items in her imaginary wardrobe. Just be careful you don’t accidentally solve a murder while you’re wearing it.



3 thoughts on “Bookish Knits: Agatha Christie Edition

  1. Ooh I love all of these patterns, especially the mustaches haha! I’ve only just discovered sock knitting (late to the party I know) so both these patterns have gone straight into my favourites. Thanks for sharing and enjoy all those lovely books when they arrive 🙂


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