Rad as… um, hell?

Again, step careful here ye of sensitive natures. My sense of humour is mostly surreal, but often leads to swearwords, because swearing is funny. I’m okay with you disagreeing on that one; people have seen these mitts and said ‘they’re very pretty, but I don’t appreciate the language’.

Then again, some have said ‘they’re fucking awesome’, so there’s balance in the world.

Click read more to see the (nearly) finished mitts that nearly destroyed me.

This pattern is a joy to knit even when you want to set fire to it and toss it out of the window. All the stupid mistakes were me, not because of a flaw with the pattern. Seriously, I am glad I am done with them but I did enjoy the process.

Pattern: How Cold Is It?

Designer: Drunk Girl Knits

My stranded colourwork ability seems to have improved too; I’ll be writing more about that later. Let’s just say that stranded/fair isle work definitely makes the tight knitter have to loosen up.

Now, despite being the kind of pattern that doesn’t lend itself to public consumption, I’m kind of tempted to make myself a pair to flaunt.

You know… next year. When I’m over the rage.


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