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A Piece of Spring

As knitters and other crafters I’m sure you know what difference a bit of colour makes to your day. An ambiguous winter has kept us folk in Southern Ontario completely baffled, but whether or not the snow is falling or the temperatures are dropping, there’s little colour in the world.

Winter in Ontario

It has its own stark beauty, yes, but it has been a strange winter. With very little snow to brighten things up, it’s almost as bad as an English winter. I have enjoyed not slipping along the path every time I leave the house (though I still fell on my arse a couple of weeks ago, of course) but I’m getting tired.

March starts tomorrow. I don’t hold hope that Spring will come with it; no doubt this unenthusiastic winter will drag its heels.

To usher it in, my girlfriend and I went in search of some plants to brighten up the apartment. Now, I should point out here that without moving from my current position I can see 9 plants, so we already have a lot. I can’t keep them alive so I’m banned from touching them, but it’s great to have them around.

Now we have a couple of tulips on our table. I am in love with this orange/yellow tulip; it’s so warm and bright. I want to take its colours and knit it into a snuggly shawl. Why is that not possible yet? Get on board, science.

Tulip - Knitter Nerd

Spring might be a month or two away but at least now we can pretend it is on its way.


12 thoughts on “A Piece of Spring

  1. That would make a lovely shawl! I’m ready for Spring too. We’ve got some green shoots coming up in the front yard, and since this is our first Spring in this house, I have no idea what they’ll grow up to be, but I’m hoping for tulips!

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  2. Ambiguous winter – very well said. Over here in New England we have had the same. Completely abnormal, and I am hoping for an early spring. As for the tulip – I think there are yarns – check out the gradients at the Purple Fleece ( – she might have one that comes close. I have used her Scarlet Tanager, it has some pink in it, but gets the orange and gold right. 🙂 and do try to keep on your feet – that whole falling down thing in winter sucks. 🙂


    1. This winter has been such a lot of nothing that I’m ready for a new season any day now. I should have a look at that site – though possibly not until after my trip to the UK, since I need all the money I can get with the current Canadian dollar exchange rate!
      Thank you:)


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