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An apology and an old pattern

In the last two weeks my day job has been taking up roughly 87% of my energy and attention. This will continue for at least another two weeks, probably more like a month, so I’m struggling to keep up with comments and posts. It’s always odd when other things take over in priorities and I feel so disconnected from the craft world when usually I’m so wrapped up in it, but I know this time will pass and I’ll be back properly.

When I do, it’s going to be amazing. I’m treading water right now so can’t take on any extra things, but I’ve finally had an idea for the podcast that is worth trying. I’ve been putting it off, not wanting to churn out a podcast that’s a slightly worse version of things already out there, but now I’ve got a spark of something. Once the day job simmers down I’ll be focusing on that.

In terms of knitting projects, I’ve been making some yoga/manicure socks for a friend. The pattern was terrible. It came out nothing at all like the picture – in the picture it was delicate, simple stockinette lace, but in reality the pattern made a garter stitch clunky lace pattern that was pure ugliness. I ripped it back and, with a little help, it looks more like the picture now. I’m going to remember to get photos before I pass them over this time, I promise.


Other than that, I’m knitting something from a pattern originally written in the 1930s. The last time I tried to knit a baby cardigan it came out roughly the size of a kitten sweater, and no, I have not shared pictures of it because it’s ridiculous. This time I got paranoid about the size but realised that in fact it’s just an unusual construction – unusual, at least, to modern eyes.

You start with the back in one piece and knit up to the top, then down over the shoulders (including sleeves) with each front knitted separately, though still attached to the back. It’s a simple, elegant pattern and it tickles me that babies who wore the results of the first publication of the pattern are now in their eighties.

Find the pattern here (it’s the ‘First-Size Matinee Jacket’), and look forward to photos of mine. I’m already near finishing it.


9 thoughts on “An apology and an old pattern

  1. Yay, can’t wait to see the finished product and I completely understand when blogging gets pushed to the back at the times due to actual life events!


  2. I sooooo feel your pain on both the day job taking over your life …my life is consumed by ‘The Workplace’ for the foreseeable future 😦 and having to frog your knitting is pants !!
    On the bright side many thanks for the link there are quite a few patterns on there that have caught my eye LOL


  3. glad you found a few minutes to update us – hope the work world eases off sooner than you think it will so you can concentrate on knitting. That baby jacket sounds interesting!


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