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Vintage baby cardigan: the construction

This weekend my partner and I spent the day in Toronto. We had a great time wandering around some places we’ve been meaning to go since we lived here and went for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Unexpectedly, we also went clothes shopping.

Now, my partner and I… we’re not clothes shopping people. It’s tedious. Most of my clothes are second hand or jeans from American Eagle; I’m easy. Yet we found ourselves in the Eaton Centre on the hunt for garments and both came away with a new shirt. I also got myself a Roots hoody at last.

I am aware that to most that’s a pathetic excuse for clothes shopping, but we did look in quite a few stores. We just ended up buying nerdy shirts. She got a Marvel tank top and I got a Doctor Who t-shirt. It was hard to decide which one; I was tempted to get a Deadpool shirt or the Doctor Who one that had the bad knock-knock joke on it, but this one was way prettier.


When I got home my vintage baby cardigan finally found its way onto the blocking mat. The sight of it amused me. Looking at it pinned down made it seem ridiculous; it’s such an odd shape. Yet it curled like no one’s business so I needed to block it quite aggressively.

The yarn is Botany Lace and it knits up beautifully. It’s so much fun to play with and it comes out soft and light, almost like cotton.

I changed the collar as you will see in the finished picture once I sew it together (and this time it isn’t going to take me a year to do that, I swear).

image1 (4)

Now if I could only find blocking mats that don’t clash with everything I knit…


4 thoughts on “Vintage baby cardigan: the construction

  1. I hate shopping for clothes, too – because nothing ever fits! Good for you finding things you like. Cant; wait to see the sweater – but I will if I have to. 🙂


    1. I basically like guy’s clothes and things with TARDISes on them, with some fancy skirts thrown in the mix. Yeah, I don’t go shopping too much! 🙂

      Sweater coming just as soon as I’ve blocked it again.

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