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These Knees: A Music Recommendation

Have you ever listened to the Homoground podcast? If not, I highly recommend it. Yes, especially if you’re queer, but even if not. It’s full of amazing music of all genres.

I listen to it a lot when I’m walking the dog. Lately they featured a band called These Knees and I was smitten half a song into it. They’re catchy and fun.

It’s not often I buy a physical CD (the last, and only for years, was Blackstar by David Bowie) of something but I did on Saturday; I ordered the CD from Bandcamp and downloaded the mp3 for myself. I’m going to give the CD to a friend that will enjoy it, I think.

These Knees – Picture Credit from their Instagram

In the meantime you should go check them out. You can listen for free on their Bandcamp and if you want to buy it it’s only $5 for the digital copy.

Believe it or not, I’m not even getting paid to say this. I just love them. Love. Them.


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