Amazing Artist: Agnes Herczeg

Yes, I’m back from my vacation – and my hiatus! There’s lots to tell but first I need to share an amazing artist I stumbled upon when browsing the net. I honestly can’t think how I got to this, but having discovered her art I’m astounded and inspired so I want to share that with you.

Agnes Herczeg is a Hungarian artist living beside the Danube. She has a degree in textile conservation and has studied a number of techniques to express her creative side, though it’s needle lace that has caught her imagination the most (if her art is anything to go by).

What makes her art amazing is the level of detail and the combined use of natural resources (i.e. wood) with beautiful colours. She can create so much expression in such a small piece.

You can find out more about her on her website or her Facebook; if you like her work, drop her a comment there. In an interview she said she loves the heartfelt comments on her work that Facebook brings.

Artist: Agnes Herczeg
Artist: Agnes Herczeg
Artist: Agnes Herczeg
Artist: Agnes Herczeg



11 thoughts on “Amazing Artist: Agnes Herczeg

  1. The cream and brown lady’s skirt is bobbin lace, so there’s that as well as needle lace! (I recognise the Torchon half stitch ground)


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