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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (Dorset Buttons)

There are so many options.

Contrary to how it must look, I’ve been knitting a lot, but none of those projects are suitable for the blog until they reach their intended recipients. I have one finished project to share, but that can wait until next week; for now I’ll continue with the in-between obsession of Dorset buttons.

Because these little things are so quick (I can make one in under an hour, even with thinner thread) they give me a good distraction when I need a break from the knitting. Yes, that happens sometimes, especially when I’ve had to rip back a half-finished sock right to the cuff, sigh. They’re also convenient; I have lots of random ends and leftovers of other yarn laying around and they’re perfect for Dorset buttons.

Here are four of my creations:

image1 (6)

As you know, I started with the green one in the bottom right. The one with the wonky spoke and the bulging ends (I didn’t know when to stop weaving).

Next up was the top left, the multicoloured one. I wanted to see how easy it would be to swap colours and whether it would be worth the effort. It was, though the result is quite boring in this case. I don’t mind that; I am mostly just playing around.

The third was the bottom left. I used a variegated yarn and put more spokes on. I also stopped weaving long before I hit the edge; I really like the way it makes the spokes stand out. I haven’t got the hang of even weaving through the spokes (as shown by the blue splodges near the centre) but I’m getting there.

Though I like the look of lots of spokes, I don’t like that it doesn’t show the flat section behind them because they’re so close together.

Fourth was top right. This was me getting ~creative~. I saw a picture of a Dorset button made to look like a tree so without researching how to do that or even going back to review the photo, I attempted it from a vague memory. It’s okay. It’s very messy and I don’t like the ‘trunk’ but my co-worker really liked it, and it’s made from leftover Malabrigo Archangel, so I can’t hate it. Again, it’s all practice.

I have so many ideas for buttons and so many other projects I’m working on in-between. It’s like my trip back to England has inspired me. It stoked my creative fires. I have purchased a cutting board to bind books, and I’ve ordered plastic bone rings from Amazon to make more Dorset buttons. I’m writing a lot, I’m reading even more, and I’ve even spent a lovely half-hour sewing seed beads onto a felted bowl my friend Maureen gave me (again, that’s for a later post).

Can’t stop creating. Don’t particularly want to, either.


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