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A comfy knitted neck-thing

My friend Jen is a good person. She’s the kind of friend who stays in a hotel overnight at the airport so she can meet you off the plane. She’s the kind of person who enjoys treks to yarn stores (hence our visit to Loop when we were in London). She’s the kind of person who deserves a nice knitted gift here and there.

This is, coincidentally, the first knitted object I’ve made that I did entirely in Continental. It was an easy choice. It’s basically a long knitted tube, so I had no purling and no complicated lace. My stitches weren’t as even as they are with English/throwing, but my gauge was consistent and a little blocked got rid of the worst of it.

I might write up this pattern, simple as it is.

A note on the yarn: it is a thing of wonderment. It is called ‘Ayni’ from Amano Yarns and it is a beautiful, fine, luxurious blend of baby alpaca and silk. It’s gentle on the skin and comes in some gorgeous colours. I picked a deep purple for Jen.

I cast on enough to make the size I needed, then knitted for two solid weeks while teaching a new hire class at work. Once it was twice as long as I needed I folded it inside out and kitchener-stitched the whole thing up into a tube.

This was the result.

IPoon 420

And this is what it looks like on the intended recipient as we sat drinking posh drinks in Costa. Oh, how I missed Costa.

IPoon 424

She says it’s going to be great for when she’s watching football as scarves usually fall off. I’m glad it’ll have a practical use, though it looks so great on her that I don’t really mind either way.

It’s lovely to knit something for someone that’s knitworthy, isn’t it?


13 thoughts on “A comfy knitted neck-thing

  1. Beautiful!
    From your description the yarn you used doesn’t need fancy stitches to look fantastic.
    Are you starting to feel more natural with Continental? I promise you, there will come a day when you’ll find yourself zipping along in Continental stitch and you’ll suddenly think, “Wow! When did this become more efficient than English?”


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