From Everything… to Nothing.

A couple of weeks ago I was super excited to be making all the things. I was writing every day, reading a lot, and knitting almost all the time. Somehow between that I managed to squeeze in some little projects: sewing on beads to a felted pot someone gave me, needle-felting a small strange cat face, and making all the Dorset buttons I could.

It was fun. I was on fire with inspiration.

Now… it’s faded. There have been some changes in my life which are positive but taking up all my time and energy. I still write quite a bit and read all the damn time but I haven’t had much time for crafts in the last few days.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in a funk. It’s been three days. Four, max. This is ordinary for most but quite a long time for me not to be doing creative things.

Thankfully I have this evening free so after walking the dog I plan to sit my butt down, take a deep breath, and finish those mittens I’m making. If I spend that time also binge-watching Elementary, well, everyone needs some downtime don’t they?


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