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The Places That Made Me

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I’m feeling inspired. Luckily we’re heading into a long weekend in these parts so I can spend some nice refreshing time sat at my glorious desk and writing lots of posts.

One thing a few people mentioned is that talking about my non-knitting life is fine, which is something I’ve struggled with before when writing here. I try to find the line so I don’t overshare (I can be prone to it) but I think I’ve stayed too far over on the wrong side. I’m going to be more open about things going on – within reason, of course.

In April I went back to England, as I’ve mentioned before. It was my first trip back there after emigrating. It was a strange, beautiful, and busy time and I’m still recovering from the huge amounts of socialising I did there. I came back inspired right down to my toes, and if I show you a few pictures of my place of origin you might see why.

Weymouth and Portland are a very strange set of towns. Weymouth is a beach town; a tourist resort that’s semi-comatose in the winter and unbearably packed with sunburnt people in the summer. Portland is the island (tombolo) that hangs off the edge of the town, and it is where I spent the first sixteen years of my life, at which point I stormed off to live with my Dad in Upwey (a village on the outskirts of Weymouth).

Living in Dorset comes with its own strange truths, and though I don’t miss living there, I love going back. It’s beautiful. It’s steeped in history. It’s really, really strange.

Yes, we have actual thatched cottages (Upwey)
My favorite place to go (Upwey Wishing Well)
The harbour front (Weymouth)
Town Bridge (Weymouth)
IPoon 479
Weymouth beach – or part of it. It’s huge.
IPoon 453
My nephew and I stand on the soft sand. I was jetlagged & confused, but needed to be on the beach.
IPoon 487
Sandsfoot castle with Portland behind it. 15 minute walk from my Dad’s house.

The best part about visiting (beyond seeing the people I love and miss) was coming home. Stepping off that plane and back onto Canadian soil – or concrete – and realising that I did it, I made it here. I moved countries and it worked out.

I’ve been here nearly two years now, plus an extra year back in 2012 when I came over the first time. I know I belong here, but I will never forget the place that made me.


6 thoughts on “The Places That Made Me

  1. I’m a Southampton girl myself 🙂 but I know Weymouth very well, spent many a summer day on the beach, just a short two hour train ride for golden sands. I’m glad your move worked for you 🙂


  2. I think this is my most favorite of your posts!! It’s like you took me there with you and back home again. I love the pictures and wish I could go visit the wishing well myself. When I’m able to get pictures this summer, I would like to show you Alton, and what I love best about living here, to repay you for your wonderful post! Happy to hear that Canada suits you fine.


  3. I loved the pictures. Pictures always add something whether they’re of your projects or your destinations. It’s good to tell a little about yourself as a person. One of my dreams is to make it to England, Ireland, and Scotland for a visit. I have a friend met about 20 years ago via the internet, that lives in Dorset. Love the thatched roofs. And the castle remains.


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