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The Evolution of a First Project

Back in August 2010 I picked up the needles and began to knit. I had no idea at the time that I would never, ever stop, or that my life would be changing so much in the next few years. I’d just gained a girlfriend who I’d loved for a few years already, and we were in the early stages of planning for me to move to Canada to be with her. Sometimes it surprises me how neatly my main ‘hobby’ (too dismissive a word; craft-based passion?) coincided with the start of my relationship.

At least it makes it easy to track both.

My first few projects were more swatches, which is hilarious when you think about how little I swatch now I’m a more developed knitter. Once I’d figured out the basic mechanics of knitting I began a scarf from some acrylic-blend which I really loved at the time, and hated by the time I was halfway through.

It was soft and snuggly but the colours did not work well in a garter stitch scarf. It made it look almost pixelated, or like an out-of-focus picture of the sky. I didn’t dig it.


Looking back at it, I quite enjoy the neatness of my first project. It doesn’t lean off to one side too badly and the edges are relatively neat. Yes, the beginning is a few stitches narrower than the rest, but other than that it’s not too bad.

I remember being surprised how long the scarf was getting with only one ball of yarn. I also remember that sense of excitement at what was in store for me, and how I didn’t immediately know that this was a craft I wasn’t going to abandon like so many before (I’m looking at you, sewing).

You know when you pick up a new hobby, there’s that time you can’t think about anything else? I’m at that stage with knitting. I am at my sister’s house and I’ve left my bag of yarn at home and all I can think about is what I’ll try knitting later. I’ve nearly finished Nari’s scarf which, when I cast off, will be my first completed project.

I’m sorry to say it never became a completed project. Or at least it never became a scarf.

A week later I bought a crochet hook and decided I liked it much more than knitting. It was fast and easy to learn, and it was versatile. I forgot the needles and wandered with a hook in my hand instead. For a long time I considered myself a crocheter, not a knitter, though by the URL of the blog you might guess that’s changed!

Instead the project languished somewhere, probably under the bed propped up by books that I mentioned last week. A year later, my good friend Sophie and I decided to yarn bomb a lamppost and the scarf became the focal point for the impulse.

We crocheted flowers onto it and attached other random bits of projects, then crocheted it shut with a pair of tights around the fancy lamppost. It didn’t stay up long, but we were both extremely happy that we’d done it.


I miss that coat. It was a damn good coat.

For some reason I only mentioned the ‘knitfitti’ as I was calling it then when I was doing a sort of knitting survey here, but that was back in the days where I didn’t post nearly as much.

Since I let the scarf/yarn bomb into the wild, I do wonder what happened to it. I have to suppose it got thrown away, but that’s okay. It served a double purpose; it helped me realise how much I loved to knit, and it gave Sophie and I a few hours of joy.

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