My first crochet projects

Once I figured out how easy crochet was I got a bit excited by it all. I began crocheting All The Things. At the time I was working in a large complex of stores all owned by the same people, and when I was in one of the two stores I worked in most often, I had ample time to crochet under the counter.

Yes, the place closed down around the beginning of 2011 due to how quiet it had become. It was my first full-time job and I enjoyed it well enough, but it was mostly sad to see it go because it had been there my whole life.

Anyway. I had plenty of time to crochet secretly at work and to crochet more as soon as I got home. Not to mention the fortnightly Stitch ‘n’ Bitch where I could take a wild break in routine to, you guessed it, crochet some more. I really enjoyed crocheting and I understood it much better than I understood knitting, so it was my default.

Here are a few of my proudest creations.


The star blanket for my nephew. That baby is not my nephew, but a small child who passed out at my nephew’s first birthday. I had permission to post it back then, so I assume it stands.

This was my second attempt at the blanket and I was super proud of the results. It’s very simple to do and looks amazing in variegated yarn, and seeing my small baby nephew in it gave me the warm fuzzies.


Heavily filtered through the glorious iPhone 3g that I loved at the time. You can hardly see the project, what was I thinking? Anyway, this is probably the best thing I made when I was just starting out.

It’s a blood choker. I took the inspiration from a pattern but didn’t like the execution, so I designed it to differ a lot. It was the first time I’d made something that looked exactly how I planned it without following a pattern. Yes, it’s a tad gory, but it made me happy and my Halloween costume for work was badass. (At the time I had shoulder-length hair, and I used most of a can of hairspray to make it stand out in a huge bird’s nest of a mess. I wish I had photos of that.)


Another moment of pride for me. At the time it felt like I had been crocheting forever, but in fact it had only been about four months. Making this little lacy motif made me super happy even if I never got around to finishing the pattern (a choker called Asphyxiation).

It was crocheted with some thread I bought on a trip to Newcastle upon Tyne to visit a friend. Little did I know that a few short years later I would live there for eighteen months while I waited to get my permanent residency in Canada. Funny how life takes us on such wayward routes.

I don’t crochet much any more, but looking back at my Crafter Origin Story has made me wish I did. I’m in the middle of a complicated knitted shawl right now, but once that’s done I think it’s time to crack out the hooks.


5 thoughts on “My first crochet projects

  1. Isn’t it lovely to be able to do both? It’s so nice to pull out my hooks after a long break. I love the star blanket; I’m tempted to make something like that!


  2. I’m not surprised you are proud of the items you have posted, the blanket is sooo cute !!
    I’m on a crochet fad at the moment ~ I’m yearning to have a go at either a stripy or granny square coat for myself …I’m just plucking up the courage LOL


  3. I also stopped crocheting for a time and leaned into my knitting. Your walk down project memory lane is beautiful! Recently (about a year ago or so) I decided to just have some crochet projects going alongside my knitting ones. It’s really cool on a lazy weekend to switch between the crochet and the knitting, especially if one project is in its blah phase (like a billion rows of stockinette or tons of single crochet).


  4. What a beautiful star blanket and i love the idea of crocheting blood for a costume. I love crochet!!! I’m learning to knit, but crochet will always be my first love.


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