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Why knitting won my heart

If you’ve been following my recent series of posts, you might wonder how I jumped from being totally obsessed with crochet to being a dedicated knitter. Though I learned to knit before I learned to crochet, I took to the latter much faster.

I thought knitting was too fiddly, and it was too difficult to fix things. I could fudge anything with crochet, so I went with the hook.

For example, see this post from November 2010:

Recent times have also seen me attempting to knit once more. It didn’t go well. I can cast on and I can do the knit stitch quite confidently but then I notice I’ve dropped a stitch and instead of trying to work out how to fix this problem, my brain explodes and I spend so much time picking the bits of skull out of the yarn it’s not really worth it, you know? So I am not getting very far with the knitting needles.

What changed?

Circulars. Yep, the moment I figured out how much more convenient they are, I could not stop.

It only took until March 2011, too. Though by this time I was fully entrenched in the craft community of my hometown, I had avoided knitting as a matter of course since I abandoned my first project. Then I discovered circular needles.


There’s the first example of knitting on my blog after so many months of crochet, and it’s on a pair of terrible, cheap, metal and plastic circulars. I say they’re terrible because I cannot stand knitting or crocheting with metal where I can help it; I’m a wood person all the way.

Here’s what I had to say about knitting on circulars:

I find them so much nicer to use outside of the house since you don’t poke the person next to you on the train and your project is less likely to slip off the end. Absolute bliss.

These days I either knit on circulars or DPNs. I knit with the latter when I’m making socks or gloves/mittens, and circulars for almost everything else. I love being able to shove the project down onto the cord to stop it slipping off in my bag, and I love how little space it takes up compared to straights. It also doesn’t feel as heavy, since you can balance it in your lap.

I’ve been paying attention to how I use DPNs lately since people have asked me for tips once or twice, and I’m going to post a few tips I’ve found useful when I’m trying to avoid getting tangled in my own project or forming unattractive ladders up my socks.

What turned knitting for you from a passing interest to something more?


12 thoughts on “Why knitting won my heart

  1. I learned to knit before I learned to crochet, but you’re right, I found knitting to be so tricky to fix. Once I learned to crochet I stopped knitting, I found I could do so much more with a hook. My one complaint: crochet can look so messy, knitting is so much neater, I love how clean your lines look with knitting. Perhaps I should learn to use circular needles and give knitting a try again (I never got that far, always used straights). Thanks for sharing this, you’ve made me want to pick up my needles again! 🙂


    1. I think you should definitely try knitting on circulars – it made a world of difference for me and I never looked back. I’m glad you’re inspired to give it another go! 🙂 I hope I get to see your results.

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  2. There were two things that brought knitting to the forefront for me (versus the occasionally-indulged childhood hobby that it used to be): (1) Ravelry, and (2) realizing that I could knit while listening to other people. I tend to get antsy and bored in social situations, but knitting helps me stay focused and happy.


    1. Ravelry! Of course. That was a huge thing for me when I finally worked out how to use the forums. So many great people, and so many awesome patterns.

      I know what you mean about the knitting to stay focused/happy. I don’t need it in social situations as much but I’m allowed to knit at work and it keeps me on track.

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  3. When I learned to knit, it reignited my passion for crochet. Knitting was harder to master, however, when I learned Continental and adapted my movements to the way I crochet, knitting is just as pleasant. Circulars are awesome! I just found sets of vintage nylons that I just love the glide and texture with all the yearns I have used with. I don’t like acrylic or metal because of so much slipping so bamboo had been my go-to choice until the nylons. These circulars have a smooth join so no snagging when transition from the needle to the cable. Knitting for me is so meditative and I just love the soft drape of fabric while I am working.


    1. I really have to keep working on Continental. It’s coming, it’s just I default back to English without knitting. Very inconvenient. Circulars are great, I’m glad you found the perfect set for you. I have a set of wood circulars (I think KnitPro?) that I bought about four years ago and still use all the time. So perfect.

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  4. I learned to crochet 3 years ago and to knit last summer…. crochet for me is my love. BUT! Knitting is winning me over … and like you I think the circulars are doing it. I recently learned how to knit socks on circulars with magic loop. Circulars are amazing! I’m definitely knitting a lot more than I was but still like to have some crochet on the go as well ☺


    1. Awesome! I can’t knit magic loop, I find I get bored easily on it which is bizarre. I haven’t tried for a while though and I do like the idea of two-at-a-time socks so I might have to try again.

      I do miss crocheting sometimes and start up a project, but it’s less and less often. I’m glad you are sticking with the crochet because it’s awesome.


  5. Ive been crocheting since I was 11, but I always wanted to knit! I knew people who knit and even taught classes, but they couldn’t teach me and I lost hope until fairly recently. I think I was drooling over knitting patterns and it became his mission to help me do what I wanted to for so long. Let me just say, I found YouTube the best thing ever for learning to knit after crocheting techniques have become so engrained! It was exactly what I needed and I haven’t looked back since! Knit all the things!


    1. YouTube is a wonderful resource – it takes the pressure off the person teaching you to knit. I learned the basics in person, but the internet is how I got good enough to enjoy it.

      I’m glad you found it! ❤

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