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I didn’t set it on fire

…And that’s about as much as I can say about my recent knitting incident. I’m proud that the matches remain in the junk drawer, because it was a close thing.

I’m knitting a thing for someone (shhh) and it’s a lot of fun. It’s pretty, it’s beaded, it’s geeky. It’s something that one day I’ll be very proud I knitted, and I’m sure a lot of you are going to appreciate it when I can share pictures. For now let’s just call it THE THING OF DOOM, because it suits the damn situation.

So. THE THING OF DOOM has been on the needles for about two or three weeks and I’ve been knitting it a lot, mostly at home because I’m in a new position at work and can’t concentrate on fancy lace and such things. If THE THING OF DOOM has those attributes, of course. Which it might not. (It does.)

I’m about halfway through the last half of THE THING OF DOOM when I look at it, really look at it, and realise it’s wrong. Not just ‘I have a yarn over in the wrong place’ wrong, but ‘did you even read the pattern you big old fluff-for-brains’ wrong. Irredeemably wrong. Now, I checked a few times and inspected project photos over and over because I’ve been known to frog things only to realise it was fine the first time, but no. THE THING OF DOOM had to be ripped back about halfway.

Maybe I should be pleased I didn’t have to rip back to the beginning but that is not much of a consolation right now, shut up.

It’s really hard not to think about how many stitches I had to rip out last night. With over three hundred per row and about three inches of knitting, that’s… that’s a lot. That’s thousands. That’s… ugh.

Thankfully it was not the fancy lace part so it was easy to frog. I sat at knitting night and glowered at the world as I ripped it back, then picked up the stitches without incident and began knitting again, pleased that I only put it on down-time for four days or so.

Then I realised I hadn’t restrung the beads.

THE THING OF DOOM is back in its bag and though I need to finish it soon, right now I’m just trying to keep the matches out of sight.

Why do I think knitting is fun again?


14 thoughts on “I didn’t set it on fire

  1. because it can be fun. it will be fun again. the pressure of making a perfect thing for someone makes it harder to enjoy, but you will get through it. and it will cease to be a think of doom and return to its true being, a thing of beauty, a joy forever.

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  2. LOL!
    This kind of thing must come with the name.
    I’ve been knitting longer than you’ve been alive. I love to knit and I CAN read patterns. Yet, for some unfathomable reason, Berroco patterns never work out for me. Never.
    I know this. So why did I start a long project for a beautiful flowing jacket for myself using a Berroco pattern? Because I loved it … I love it, still, even though I’m newly graduated to a wheelchair and – even had I successfully finished the thing – long flowing lines are no longer advantageous to me.
    I carefully did a gauge swatch. It matched. I knit, over the space of two months (not allowing myself to work on anything else) and got all the way to final bind off of last piece and there’s no way these pieces will sew together! Argh!
    I double checked the pattern. I did knit it as written. I looked at others on Ravelry – no notes stating pattern errata. I measured (three times). The pieces are not going to fit each other (I’ve been sewing longer than you’ve been alive, too). It will not work, although it has for others, and I can’t find my mistake!
    It’s frogged and I’m reusing the yarn for something that will work better for my situation, made from a pattern by an independent designer whose patterns I’ve used before … without incident.
    It’s 100% cotton yarn. I know it would burn well. I think it’s only the color, a lovely sage green (perfect for my dark auburn gone silver complexion and hazel eyes), that saved it.
    I did, most clearly, hear my fireplace calling for it, but I resisted.
    You are not alone! LOL!

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    1. LOL Your story made me laugh out loud. The real kind of laugh, not the internet internal giggle. Our struggles as knitters are true and complete. I’ve had patterns like that where I just… I cannot make it work no matter what I do, no matter how I read and re-read. Sometimes I give up and get someone else to look at it for me, and sometimes I decide it means WE WERE JUST NOT MEANT TO BE. Good choice in that.

      The yarn sounds lovely by the way!

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  3. I have to congratulate you on your tenacity, and I hang my head in shame with a wry smile I might add ~ I have burnt projects, given them to K9 to take to his bed to chew, even Neurotic Cat has had a WIP thrown casually her way.
    THE THING OF DOOM sounds so very intriguing, you have to see it through to the end just to cease my air of curiosity

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  4. I feel your pain… What a knitty nightmare. I’m also struggling with a secret project for a secret person (shh!) and have had to put it on the back-burner for the moment as it’s doing my head in!


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