There is so much to say about the shooting in Orlando this weekend. You could talk about how it was targeted at LGBTQA+ folk like myself, or you could talk about how it was a Latinx night there. You could talk about the race or religion of the shooter (but please don’t), or start debating gun control (but they won’t). Better people than me have covered these issues and will continue to do that. All I have to offer is my thoughts to the victims and their families.

It’s hard to imagine 50 lives ended because one man got angry at a couple of men kissing. I can’t get my head around that yet.

What I can say is that it is terrifying to me that so many people around the world actively hate people. People like me. Queer people. People who do not, will not conform. I know this isn’t what I normally talk about on this blog but I am queer as all hell and it scares me.

That said, my fear is only a tiny part of this. It is the fear of all of us that makes this thing real, and I’m afraid that people are going to hide because of it. We shouldn’t. Anyone standing outside of the neat little boxes assigned to us needs to step up and be proud, terrifying as it can be, because otherwise that shooter gets what he wanted.

Besides, he’s fighting a useless fight. He will never stop progress, and we will never go away.




13 thoughts on “Orlando.

  1. Your post completely reflects my thoughts. I am so proud of all the people coming out to stand in vigils and gathering despite people like this man trying to quiet us with fear. We shall not be moved, as they say.


  2. Sometimes I’m at a loss at what to say ~this is one of those times, love, kindness & being true to yourself will always shine a light on such atrocities, I haven’t put it very eloquently but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say


  3. I normally see all of your posts, but somehow I ended up missing this one at the time. You are right, nobody should have to hide. Love is beautiful, and it will always win out in the end.

    There is so much hatred shown in the media, and so little good. I genuinely believe if all of the good was shown next to all the evil, we would barely see the evil, but “good” doesn’t sell. Luckily, we know it’s there and can take strength from it.


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