A thank-you and an update

First (and most importantly): thank you to the fabulous people I have in my life, both here on the blog and in my physical vicinity, who have proven themselves to be amazing people in the wake of tragedy. I’m tired of thinking about the bad things happening in the world right now, but I’m grateful that at least I’m surrounded by so much light.

You may have noticed I didn’t post for the rest of the week. That would be because last week was… difficult. Orlando shot me into anxiety mode, and then I had a root canal and had to take wacky painkillers for a couple of days. Not conducive to writing.

I’ll be posting about Knit in Public day on Wednesday because it was super fun, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the lovely people who comment here and write their own lovely blogs. The knitting/craft community has been my lifeline more than once and apparently that will continue.

Even when a project makes me want to quit knitting forever.

More on that later. 🙂

P.S. If you, like me, have found the world a tad scary in recent weeks, I recommend distraction in the form of these simple cute games. Especially the Cat one.


2 thoughts on “A thank-you and an update

  1. Sorry you’ve had a rough go of it lately. Root canals are killer, but I confess, I always kind of like it when I have to take painkillers. I think I could be an addict easily. Wait, am I supposed to say that? Well, I’m not one, so I think it is okay. Anyway, I’m with you: thank goodness for our fellow crafty-type people!


  2. We had three family deaths and one friend die in the last week … not a root canal, but it was draining! I do understand how there are times when posting on one’s blog has to take a back seat. Some things just take some time (and all one’s energy) to process!
    Be better!


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