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Knit in Public Day 2016

You know what I love even more than knitting?


On Saturday 18th June I got to spend a few hours in the sun (well, the shade) with a bunch of clever, interesting people, all of whom happened to be either knitting or crocheting. We rocked up to the Whitby library courtyard, rearranged things a bit, and had a jolly good time knitting in public.

World Wide Knit in Public Day is an international thing. A lot of people (mostly non-knitters) have asked me recently where it comes from and why it’s a thing so of course I had to look into it.

The beady-eyed among you might spot a reflection of a person in a pink and grey dress – that would be yours truly.

Turns out a knitter called Danielle Landes started it in 2005 as a way to bring knitters together. Not surprising, as knitting’s reputation as a solitary sport is slowly dying.

It also helps people realise that knitting is NOT a dying art form and that people of all ages participate and come together because of it. I couldn’t imagine not knitting now that I’m a part of the community (even though I am super angry at my current project).

However, I like that the focus is on other knitters(/crocheters), because community is important. It’s the perfect way for people with social anxiety to get out of the house, because knitting gives you something to do while you socialise and comes with a built-in conversation starter: “Oh my goodness, what yarn/pattern/stitch is that?!” for example.

Some of my favourite people in the world are in this photo.

I love my fellow knitters. Knit in Public Day gives me an excuse to share time and conversation and laughs with them in the sunshine instead of my local yarn store.


6 thoughts on “Knit in Public Day 2016

  1. I very much enjoyed knitting with you that day and meeting the ladies. You can walk into a group of knitters you don’t know and always feel welcome. I love knitters almost as much as knitting! I enjoyed your shop after knitting and will be back often. 🙂


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed coming along. 🙂 Knitters are great. (I’m not Martina btw, just a rabid fan. She just shares my blog on hers sometimes!)


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