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Update on The Thing of Doom

You remember last week when I went on a rampage about my current work in progress (WIP)? Yeah, things haven’t got any better with it.

After realising once again that I had forgotten to string the beads, I got about halfway through a row and discovered that while I had put beads on, I was four short. It just so happened I was knitting at my local yarn store at the time on our regular Thursday nights, and I promptly put The Thing of Doom in its bag and announced that I was no longer a knitter. I quit.

It’s okay, though. “Nerd” isn’t nearly as catchy as “Knitter Nerd”, so I knew I had to continue somehow. I pushed through the case of Dramaqueenitis and picked up the project on my way to World Wide Knit in Public day, this time with the correct amount of beads in place and the pattern ready on my phone.

Thankfully, it went well. As long as I didn’t think too hard about it I could keep knitting. (My hatred is all tongue-in-cheek if you couldn’t guess; though I want to be done with it, it’s gorgeous and will be my favourite project ever once it’s done.) I got a few rows done, far past the last bead I’ll need on the project, and I was feeling cocky.

You see that? That’s The Thing of Doom hiding in plain sight in my last post. At this point it was behaving. JUST.

A friend gave me a ride home. We picked up sandwiches on the way home and all was good. I bought some new yarn, the sun was shining, I was pumped up on being around awesome people all morning.

Then I horrible feeling came over me as I was grocery shopping an hour later. Where was my project? I didn’t remember putting it down with the rest of my stuff.

Sure enough my friend had texted me saying that The Thing of Doom was in her car still and she was on her way out of town. My response? “Haha. Of course it is. That effing shawl.”

I choose to take it as a sign that I would have messed it up had I tried to continue knitting it on the painkillers I took that evening, but really at this point I’m ready for The Thing of Doom to be done. Only it isn’t. Because it’s in a car on the way out of town.


10 thoughts on “Update on The Thing of Doom

    1. I did leave the project out on the couch when I went for a Macdonalds last night, which could have ended badly with three cats around. I am now officially tempting fate.


  1. I feel so terrible for laughing at this. What a nightmare! But it’s funny, I guess, in a way, at least that’s what I gather from how you’ve written this up. Please don’t accidentally leave it in the ocean accidentally attached to cement blocks.


    1. I’d have to make a long trip to get to the ocean, but you know what? I live right by Lake Ontario. The recent leak from the power plant might help disintegrate it faster. Thanks for the idea! 😉


  2. Ah thanks for the chuckle, although its not at your expense. I had a project hat gave me similar feelings of doom recently. It’s probably looking at you like “Why do you hate meeeee?”


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