A little overwhelming, yes.

The world is a scary place right now. After Orlando and the EU Referendum, along with the huge political mess happening in my home country because of it, I’m feeling shaken. Top that off with the fact that Trump exists and I’m under 100km from the USA, it’s not been a great time lately.

Plus I had a root canal. Minor in the scheme of things but let’s just say I don’t make it easy on dentists with my mouth that refuses to numb for nine shots. Ow.

Thanks to all of this happening in conjunction with some personal stuff that is extremely triggering to me, I’m not at my best. I’m trying to keep up with stuff and doing an okay job considering how hard everything is, but I certainly don’t have much energy left for much more than the basics.

That said, life is not at all bad. I’ve been a permanent resident of Canada for two years now. I’ve been with my girlfriend for six years as of Sunday. I’m reading some fantastic books and will be getting up reviews soon enough.

And this morning I took the dog out for a run and he was super cute. Who can stay sad with that smiley face running at you?


This evening I’m going to a ukulele club. I’ll tell you more about that another time, for it is awesome, and I must go to work.

Tell me something awesome about life, friends and readers! We need more positivity in the world to counteract the nonsense.


7 thoughts on “A little overwhelming, yes.

  1. Yes, things are scary (and I live right where Donald Trump exists so Canada looks more appealing every day!) It seems to me you’re doing the kinds of things that comfort you and reminding yourself of the good in your life–that’s smart and effective!


  2. The world is scary, but I remind myself that it has been scary before and we came out of it. Oh, and that darned Trump is coming to MY area today for a rally. Our Trump-clone governor will be there. Two of them in the same space, it frightens me. I am not too far from Canada now and wondering if I need to inch a little bit closer?
    Something positive:
    I learned to spin this spring and I love it. I can make yarn.
    The new chairs we ordered are being delivered today, so I get to work from home.

    I should get back to it, huh?
    Hope you are feeling better, and congrats on the 6 year mark!


  3. Something awesome: well, you got the best one (dogs)! But I’ve encountered so many generous, helpful, kind people in my job search that it really does make me hopeful for the future. Yes, there are the Trumps of the world, but I have to believe we can and will outnumber them in the long run. … But if not, come November, how many of us can you host?? 😉

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  4. Friend! *hug* I feel for you, everything is shit and life is hard, but I’m super proud of you finding the positivity where you can. Also dogs, I love dogs.

    I have recently started doing ballet and I am absolutely loving it, that is my awesome thing for the moment.


  5. I spent Sunday dressed as Smee from Peter Pan for my daughter’s sixth birthday party. The most awesome thing in this world is family, either the one we are part of or the one we collect.

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  6. I’m from Scotland so was gutted about the referendum result. The thought of Trump in power makes me feel a little ill. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen!
    Positive: my little boy got his first tooth yesterday! 🙂


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