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Let’s talk about socks, baby.

You remember that song in the nineties? Let’s Talk About Sex by Salt-N-Pepa. I used to sing it enthusiastically even though I was under ten, to my mum’s embarrassment. Listening to it now thanks to my inappropriate title and I have to say it’s badass. (And this time I understand what the eff they’re talking about!)


SOCKS. I have knit an unreal amount of them for other people lately, and for myself too. I have knit vanilla socks so much I’m not 100% sure I remember how to knit anything else. Best of all: I am okay with that. If I could knit nothing but vanilla socks for the rest of my life I would still knit as much as I do now, I’d just have REALLY WARM FEET.

Who else shares my love of knitting socks? It’s my default, the thing I slip back to when I mess up on another project or when I’m feeling stressed or distracted.

If sock knitting doesn’t do that for you, what does? What’s your default?

For those who love knitting socks, what’s your favourite pattern? Or are you like me, do you just pick up the needles and go with a plain sock? Do you prefer 1×1 or 2×2 ribbing for the cuff, or something else? Do you use a fancy heel or stick with the heel flap? Do you, like me, have a passionate love for eye of partridge? Do you get excited when you buy Lang sock yarn and it has a yarn baby inside for reinforcement? Are you weirded out that we refer to it as a yarn baby around here? Tell me! I love socks, I am rolling in socks.

Let’s talk about socks, baby.


21 thoughts on “Let’s talk about socks, baby.

  1. I’m all about vanilla socks, top down, from my pattern in my head. Have been mixing up my preferred heal flap with an after thought heal, particularly when using Knit Picks Felici. I prefer it for maintaining the strip pattern.

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    1. Awesome. I do my socks from my head pattern too. I don’t like after-thought heels – they look fine, but I find them a pain to do so I just put up with the odd stripe pattern.

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  2. Oh eye of partridge, how I love thee…

    I will forever keep shouting the praises of Erica Lueder who has designed a fantastic line of Harry Potter themed socks. I’m knitting my third pattern by her and have loved every SSK, YO and rib.


  3. I too love knitting socks, especially with variegated yarn. As the Yarn Harlot once said, “apparently I’m small minded enough to be amused by the colour changes.” Vanilla socks are fine now and then, but I get bored with them too quickly. Even with interesting, complicated sock patterns, I usually don’t like knitting the same thing twice, which is a problem given most people need 2 of them, and tend to prefer it when they match … (except for my son, but he’s a bit odd).


  4. I have yet to catch on sock fever. I do live sock yarn though; I am a sucker for self-striping yarn. I have made one single sock. The thought of thousands of stitches in socks makes me kinda woozy. I do love to make hats and baby items. Soo wee, so adorable!


    1. Self-striping is great. Not only is it pretty, it also amazes non-knitters who see you use it.

      See, your problem is you think of how many stitches there are. I don’t. I just think of the pretty things that happen at the end πŸ™‚ How about baby socks?

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  5. I love knitting socks! Right now I’m a fan of working complicated lacy patterns (from a pattern, not ones that I invent) and trying various different types of heelsβ€”I haven’t settled on a favorite yet.


    1. That’s awesome. I am about to embark on some lacy socks. 90% of the ones I knit are plain stockinette, but I’ve been asked to knit some to a lace pattern and I’m quite looking forward to it.

      It’s good you’re trying lots of different heels. I found one I liked and stuck with it. The only time I tried a different heel (afterthought) I hated it!

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  6. I love all kinds of socks – stripey, lacey, slipped stitches, twisted stitches…I’d only knit plain vanilla if the yarn were self-striping. I love yours here. I prefer 1×1 ribbing unless 2×2 makes sense with the pattern. I like to knit toe-up so do a gusset heel (fleegle) or a flap. But the sweet tomato heel is good for stripey yarn, too.


    1. Why do you prefer 1×1? Honest question. I always do 2×2 unless told otherwise, I prefer the look of it. Is it functional or aesthetic that makes you prefer 1×1?

      I love knitting vanilla socks with self-striping but honestly, I’ll do it with any yarn. They’re my go-to mindless pattern, you know? Just give me needles and some yarn and a sock will happen. I’ve never heard of the sweet tomato heel. I should look that up.

      Unrelated: I’ve clearly been in North America too long since I said it like ‘tomayto’ in my head…

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      1. I like the look of 1×1. Sometimes 2×2 looks bulky to me. Cat Bordhi does the sweet tomayto πŸ˜‰ heel. It’s a series of short row wedges. You can find it on YouTube.


  7. Socks for me are the holy grail. I’m working my way up to them, they scare me but I’m determined to master them. My go to palette cleanser would be balaclavas, I like the quick ease of making them and then send them to the sailors society so win win.


    1. Oh please don’t be scared of socks! They’re a lot of fun and once you turn your first heel you never go back. πŸ™‚

      Balaclavas! That’s an interesting choice. I love that you donate them. You’re awesome.


      1. Hi, I took the first step and did it, well, kinda. I’ve just finished my first Christmas stocking. Feeling very pleased with myself πŸ™‚ now I need to knit a pair I can actually wear πŸ™‚


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