Let’s have a Q&A, shall we?


My name is Polo. I am the Knitter Nerd. You already know that, but I’m aware I don’t share all that much about myself here. Help me change that!

Ask me a question. If it’s something I don’t want on my blog, I’ll just let you know that and give what details I can. There’s not many areas of my life that I won’t talk about though.

You can ask about my life, or you can ask about my knitting. You can even ask for book or comic recommendations. I can do the thing.

Okay… go!


21 thoughts on “Let’s have a Q&A, shall we?

    1. I wish I remembered. I’ve tried to change it and stop it popping up, but it won’t go anywhere. You mean the lady knitting? I think I may have found it on Pinterest.

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  1. Could you recommend a book with great characters? Prefer speculative, Bechdel test passing, learning-to-work-together stories by women.


    1. Have you read Uprooted by Naomi Novik? It’s fantasy, but the relationships between the women are incredible. They really grow through female friendships in a way you don’t see much.

      A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers is sci-fi. That’s almost a side-point to the amazing characters in it of multiple genders. The women in that book have complex, interesting relationships that again, I haven’t seen much in any kind of fiction. Even a couple of months later I still think of the characters and miss them.


      1. I have both on my ‘of great interest’ list already, but it’s great to hear their specific strengths. Wonderful; thank you very much!


        1. First up: I don’t deny that the book can be triggering because it does deal with rape and the possibility of assault quite vividly, and the story does run in a world with the same sexual morals as the western world a few hundred years ago (ruined women etc), so there are facets that I agree are not perfect.

          I also understand why the writer of that essay didn’t finish the story, but I also don’t think she can fairly assess the story as a whole as a result. Especially just relying on leading questions from people on the internet.

          Uprooted is not perfect, and the Dragon is an asshole, but it’s not nearly as simple as that. Because he’s not the point of the story, not at all, not past the first part of the book. Agnieszka is the point. Agnieszka and her magic and how she doesn’t let anyone have power over her even when they’re used to it and try to do it, including the Dragon. She takes their words, does as she’s told when she believes it necessary, but through the Dragon’s cruelty at the start I believe she learns her limits and refuses to let anyone push them afterward. And I believe the Dragon understands himself in the context of his cruelty after that, too, because he never stood up and analysed his reaction to existing in the world he lived in, and he never questioned his role or how it could hurt others until someone was brave enough to stand up to him. I’m not defending his behaviour because it was not good, but I also think making this whole book about him does Agnieszka and the many other amazing characters a disservice.

          This is a brief reply and I understand many won’t agree with me, but I really believe Uprooted is an excellent book with deep, real characters, and though it isn’t always fluffy rainbow unicorns or even bearable (especially if you’re triggered by rape/assault which exists near the beginning), it is a good book.

          Good, not perfect.


    1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte has probably had the largest impact on my personal view of myself. Jane goes through so much but she never, not once, compromises her sense of self. She has her moral code and the standards to which she holds herself accountable, and she will not bend from that.

      She also suffered so much and turned it into a good life, which is also why I love Frida Kahlo so much – the two (Jane and Frida) will always be my heroes.

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    1. Ooh, a hard one! Back when I started knitting it was Malabrigo for sure. Worsted because it’s buttery soft and amazing. Now however I think I’d have to say any type of Manos, because it’s uniform and soft and firm and saturated with so many beautiful colours at all weights.

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        1. It’s sooooooooo pretty!

          You should try Malabrigo though. It can be a bit splitty depending on the weight but holy buttery soft, batman.


    1. I would be a rainbow self-striping sock yarn in merino/silk, because I’m colourful and a big softy, and also because sock yarn is my favourite 🙂 Good question! What would you be?

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      1. I would be a lovely bulky soft Aran wool because I love to sit by the fire on cold winter nights and I would be snuggled up around someone special because you only make sweaters/throws like that for special people. 😁

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