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New Thing! Thread Woven Buttons

You remember how I got totally obsessed with Dorset buttons? Unfortunately I’ve been so busy with knitting for people lately that I haven’t had a chance to indulge, but believe me it’s coming. I have a bunch of rings ready for a nice session of button-making once I’m done with these three pairs of socks and the shawl I’m doing.

Now I have something else I want to try – thank you, Martina. Aside from being my provider of yarn-based happiness, she also sent me this link which has made me want to drop my needles and find small balls to thread up into buttons.

From this post, credit to the author.

It’s almost like a 3D Dorset button. I haven’t looked at the technicalities yet, but I do know I shall be working out where one gets wooden beads any day now.

Next problem: what do I do with all the buttons I make?


7 thoughts on “New Thing! Thread Woven Buttons

    1. That’s a good idea, actually. I was going to knit myself a laceweight cardi in the near future but that’s not going to need buttons. Clearly I need to start knitting things for my nephew!

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      1. Perfect! Of course, a lace weight cardi will take soooo looong that you will make many more buttons during that time, and lose ground in the button wars. Glad you also have a small person to knit for!


  1. What to do with them all? Make a button bobble edge on a fun shawl for a little girl, or an edge on a baby blanket – they love to fiddle with things- or make a cardigan or a button-up pouch. 🙂


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