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Knitting in Humidity

This weekend I had hours and hours to knit. On Saturday it stormed through most of our plans (we even had a little tornado, unusual for this area) and on Sunday, the only plans we had involved Oshawa Ribfest, which is still one of the most North American things I’ve ever seen in my life.


So many pigs. Delicious, delicious pigs. (Can you believe I was vegetarian once?)

I also had Friday afternoon, at least part of it, but I spent that giving in at last to the urge to dive into the world of Pokemon. I loved the Gameboy games when I was a kid, and spent many pounds of pocket money buying and trading the cards. I was a little monster at it.

It took me so long to give in because I am a highly obsessive person and I knew it would take up too much of my time and energy. Sure enough, a few days later I’m already level 9. Just watch me go.


That’s not me, by the way. That’s my friend who drove us around in her air conditioned car charging our phones between Pokestops, because we are literally the coolest.

This weekend it was… humid. The kind of humid where breathing is not all that fun and you sweat like you’re running a marathon when you’re cleaning the floors. We have no air conditioning in our apartment. This combination meant that every time I picked up or even brushed against some yarn I wanted to run away.

It would have been different if I had some cotton to hand; that stuff is easy to knit in the heat. But I did not. I couldn’t bear to pick up my yarn with my sticky skin so I spent the weekend playing Sims instead, because making Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson marry and have seven kids is a perfectly valid way to spend my Sunday afternoon, thank you.

I hope you guys had better weather for knitting.

Do you have a limit to your knitting? Do you put it down in the cold or the heat? Or are you hardcore and keep soldiering on no matter what? If so, I salute you. I reached my limit this weekend.


7 thoughts on “Knitting in Humidity

  1. It WAS stinking humid this weekend! The things I am knitting now are lace weight, and so I was able to knit my way through it. But you are right, damp hands and skin makes it nasty to knit with anything with any weight to it. I did a bit of spinning, but it was too hot for that.


    1. Mine was only fingering weight and I did try some lace but it ended up feeling worse (quite fluffy yarn). Luckily it’s cooled off a bit here after a day or two of rain so I’m able to knit again.

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      1. I am glad it has! We have been having extremely humid weather this week, and at long last, actual rain! But they swear it is drying out today and tomorrow, which is wonderful for fiber projects!

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  2. I keep baby powder in my knitting bag because I get awfully sweaty palms and that’s in winter 🙂 I’m planning to get a start on my Christmas knitting but every time I think about picking up my needles I break into a sweat.


  3. It has been humid in Ohio, too; I knit in the air conditioning…I’m working on a lacy prayer shawl for a friend going through chemo; it’s baby weight yarn, and –whether it’s the yarn, the artificer climate control, or whatever–the humidity doesn’t seem to bother this project….


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