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I think it’s called ‘hubris’.

My Grandifolia is coming along well. I have about a quarter of a skein left to go, which means I’m nearly done and can start on some knee-high socks shortly. I’m at the stage where I simultaneously love it to death and want to never see it again.

Which is better than my trials and tribulations with The Thing of Doom, which is awaiting my second attempt at blocking. I can’t look at it right now.

Now: Grandifolia has a lot of charts, and they are elaborate. They’re very easy to follow as long as you draw a line or stick a note on there or something, and for most of my time I’ve been doing that. However, I’m at the part where I repeat the same chart a few times, and I thought… well, I thought I could keep track myself, and on the other side of this fiasco I can see what an idiot I was.

After a long day of knitting I sat back, stared at my work, and realised I’d strayed so far from the pattern it didn’t even make sense any more. I took a breath and put it back in the bag.

The next day – yesterday, in fact – I took it out hoping that I’d just got confused while sleepy and it was actually fine. You guessed it: it wasn’t. I managed not to headdesk too hard and frogged about two inches of knitting, thinking happy thoughts of kittens and alpacas all the way.

And then I picked up my pen, marked where I was on the chart, and continued.

(By the end of the day I’d caught up with where I was before arrogance took hold, and it now looks like this, only green. Thank you, crappy coffee shop lighting.)

From my instagram (knitternerd).

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