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The magical sock pattern

Spoiler: a friend and owner of my local yarn store wrote the pattern I’m speaking about here, so I’m entirely biased on its merits.

That doesn’t mean the pattern isn’t awesome though.

Recently it seems everyone I know is writing amazing patterns and I have to keep knitting them. No, it’s not out of a sense of obligation; I won’t knit something that I don’t like in general, because life’s too short for that. Nope, turns out the talented folks I know write damn good patterns.

Martina Munroe published Camber Twist Socks around the same time as Vickie Hartog published the Grandifolia Shawl (which I’ve finished and you shall see soon). Another friend asked me to knit her some Camber Twists and I began, and as soon as I memorised the pattern I was hooked.


The yarn I’m using is Cascade Heritage Wave (I would recommend not googling ‘Cascade Wave’ as I just did, as it turns out it is something very different). It’s red plied with shades of grey, and it is SO SQUISHY I have since bought a skein for myself. I’m adapting the pattern to be knee-high socks for a friend, hence the little stitch markers and the odd shape.

See, these are excellent socks. The pattern looks quite plain on the needles but when you put it on it turns magic. My coworkers watched me knit and when I showed them what it would look like stretched around the leg, their minds were blown.

This is why:


Look how cute that is!

Not only is it cute, but it’s a great idea for a sock stitch. It’s less boring to knit than plain ribbing but will be snug and comfortable against the leg despite that. I have a problem with skinny ankles that means a lot of socks don’t fit well but these would be super versatile for anyone.

And yes, that is my pinky sticking out at the top of the sock.  My legs were too far away.

I know I spoke about knitting for Christmas last week but these are the exception. I have, however, started a pair of fingerless gloves in the same stitch as above. Apparently I dig it enough to have multiple projects on the go with it.

The best thing about Camber Twist? It’s still free until the end of August. Go get it now!


7 thoughts on “The magical sock pattern

  1. Hi,
    I made socks once but unraveled them because they didn’t fit my instep properly and I think that my needle size was too big even though I used a small needle. someone said use size 0 next time, but can you tell me what makes a great sock pattern for you? I supose it would be a good idea to try different patterns, but what to look for that’s my problem. I love the look of so many sock patterns, but whick one!


    1. Honestly the first one that clicked for me was the Hermione Everyday Sock on Ravelry. I would link but I’m on my phone and not that tech savvy.

      The reason it worked for me was that the stitch was simple but not boring, and the pattern is clear and easy to follow. The heel is the same kind I still do today regardless of what the pattern calls for.

      Have you considered trying some socks in worsted weight to see what works for you and how the construction makes sense? There are some worsted sock patterns out there that are easy and quick, and once you know the shapes better you can easily adapt any pattern you find.

      This is actually a really good idea for a post on the blog so thank you!

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