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Suddenly, a cardigan appears

Over the last week I have finished a few projects  (on their way to the blocking mat) and frogged one fairly major project (story coming later this week). Since everything on the needles is giving me attitude, I decided to start a project I’ve been excited about for a while.

Plus it was my birthday Sunday. What better excuse to cast on a cardigan?


I only started this yesterday and it’s already ten inches deep. It’s a welcome break from troublesome projects!


12 thoughts on “Suddenly, a cardigan appears

    1. I’m using Amy Herzog’s sweater pattern generator. The name escapes me right now but I will post about it soon. That said, did the shaping from memory of a vague readthrough since I didn’t have it with me at work, so I don’t know how closely it matches the pattern!

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    1. When knitting gives you attitude it’s best to put it on a time out for a while. Then it is sometimes more docile when it comes back, though often it’s just all the more rebellious. What project were you having trouble with?

      I work at a place where I don’t need to use my hands to be efficient, so I get to knit a lot more than your average full-time worker. I’m lucky that way. I’m not especially fast, I just have many hours to knit.

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