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Let’s Put Cute Things on Cute Small People

My coworker happens to be quite a nice person – and rather pregnant. Since I had some leftover yarn and an urge to make something small and adorable I whipped up a couple of gifts for her future sprog.

When I finished them I left them on her desk while she was on lunch. Cue everyone keeping a diligent eye out for her, all squirming with anticipation. It was fun, and she liked the gifts.


I didn’t use a pattern for either of these, just looked on the baby hats page of Ravelry and chose a shape I liked, then cast on without reference. It was entertaining and for once didn’t end in disaster.

(By the way, that cardigan I was making? Oh, how that turned south. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss it as soon as I can face it.)

The hat was a tube which I joined with kitchener stitch at the top, then tied the corners into little ears. The mittens were simple enough, but I crocheted and sewed little pads on to make them match the hat. This kid is already going to be a cutie, and now they have a nice little snug addition to their wardrobe!


5 thoughts on “Let’s Put Cute Things on Cute Small People

  1. Very cute 🙂 I envy your confidence in putting it altogether without a pattern, I have to follow a pattern religiously. My youngest is now three and I can just get away with adorning her in cute little knits, though the more she grows the longer it takes.


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