Time to get cosy?

For those of us in Southern Ontario, winter is rearing its icy head. For the last two days I have wished for a decent pair of gloves the moment I’ve left the house, but I can’t find any of my fingerless ones and it’s not quite cold enough for lined mittens.

Confession: I am in a slump with knitting. I haven’t picked up the needles in at least a week, more like ten days. This is a really long time for me, but since all my inspiration for everything is currently running dry, I’m not concerned. I know why it is happening and I know it will pass, but for now I’m living a knit-free life.

In the meantime I’ve been considering patterns to knit when I can get up the energy to do so. That’s where you come in.

Which of these patterns should I try next?

Tipsy by Andre Sue
Tipsy by Andre Sue. Photo Credit.

Tipsy by Andre Sue

Simple, elegant, not all that visually interesting. These would be convenient for this kind of weather where I can still get my fingers out sometimes. However, I do like to tuck my fingertips in when it gets super chilly, so I’m not sure about these.

They would be a quick and satisfying knit though!

Get the pattern for free here on Ravelry.


Don't Skid, Honey by Justyna Lorkowska.
Don’t Skid, Honey by Justyna Lorkowska. Photo Credit.

Don’t Skid, Honey by Justyna Lorkowska

I like the zig-zags on these. The yarn I have in mind is mildly variegated – almost tonal, but a bit more dramatic – so I’m considering these because the pattern would make it stand out.

That said, same problem as above: I can’t tuck my fingers in and can’t figure out if that’s a deal-breaker.

Get the pattern for free here on Ravelry.


Long Flap Fingerless Gloves by Lisa Dove
Long Flap Fingerless Gloves by Lisa Dove. Photo Credit.

Long Flap Fingerless Gloves by Lisa Dove

Um, you know how I’m worried about cold fingertips? This would cure that problem, wouldn’t it?

However, it’s a super simple pattern and I don’t know if it would hold my interest. I have this problem where if it’s not challenging I go off and do my own thing which results in never getting anything finished.

Get the pattern for free here on Ravelry.

What do you think about the options?

Have you got any better ideas?

I’m looking for something functional more than decorative or I’d have a whole different list on here.

Help me, fellow knitting nerds! You’re my only hope (to regain my knitsperation)!


18 thoughts on “Time to get cosy?

  1. Could you do the long ones but make them more fancy with a cable or something? I’m looking for a pattern for mitts as it’s getting chillier here (it’s not as cold as where you are though!)


  2. Love the second photo. “Don’t skid” Sorry to hear you are in a knitting slump. Hope it ends soon. I took Martina’s Fair Isle class and cannot stop. I love it. I am on my third Fair Isle cowl in 2 weeks. Hang it there.


  3. Hmm, if you’re worried about #3 being too boring, I’d rule out #1 for having the same problem. That being said, I’d try combining #2 and #3- knit #2, and when you get to start the fingers, swap to patten #3 to make the flap (finger bits optional…) It’s a bit more fiddly than just following a pattern, but hopefully not so complicated that you get lost and abandon the project!

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  4. I would combine the long ones with the Don’t Skid and get the best of both worlds. You use the Don’t Skid as the basis, but knit the longer tube instead of individual fingers.
    Tech knitter also has a tutorial for converting a regular mitten pattern to fingerless with the ends that fold back to expose the fingers and fold over the fingers to look (and feel) like traditional mittens. It’s easy to do, but is interesting enough that it might get you out of your knitting slump.


  5. Hi, I like them but I like simple 🙂 I was going to suggest the same as Paula @ spin a yarn. I have a few pairs with a flap that fastens over the fingerless bits. They are surprisingly warm . I have issues with the blood vessels in my hands closing down when cold so always need covering and these work best for me.


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