Temporary Drought

Tonight I spent a couple of hours at The Purple Purl in Toronto learning about custom-fit socks from Kate Atherley, and I realised two things:

  1. That I am a very lucky knitter to live where I do, and:
  2. That the reason I cannot knit or talk about knitting right now is because I am in a strange stage of learning where nothing works.

I saw a diagram recently explaining the stages of art and talent, which basically points out that there are periods in which you think you suck and periods in which you think you’re amazing. This is not a bad thing: when you think you suck you tend to work at improving if you’re dedicated to an art, and then you improve your skill, and it takes a while for your ‘eye’ to catch up and see the flaws again.

If I can find the graph another time I will share it. If I cannot, well, I hope I explained it well enough to make the point that I am on a plateau for now, and I can only see my mistakes/learning opportunities.

I’m not just talking about my knitting, either. I’m talking about the blog.

In the next few weeks I’m going to focus on how to get both up to my standards again, now that my standards have improved. If things seem sporadic until then, now you know why.

Thank you for sticking with me and for your patience!


4 thoughts on “Temporary Drought

  1. You know we’ll be here 🙂 There’s nothing like a little pressure eh? I’m a great procrastinator and will leave stuff for ages if I don’t feel it or don’t think I can do it but I’m too stubborn to let it get the best of me so eventually I’ll push through and it kind of frees me up and it’s never as bad as I think it’s going to be. You’re right it is how you perceive yourself. Enjoy finding your groove again and good luck with your tattoo 🙂


  2. I would call this “the dark night of the soul” phase of creativity. Liken this to the winter, when the Earth lies fallow and rests from a full year of productivity and growth. Time to reflect, rest, and consolidate all that you’ve learned and accomplished since the last “dark night.” Don’t force it. It will come.


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