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Of course I forget to take a picture.

Yesterday was our Secret Santa exchange at work. In a group of about 40, you would think this would be less fun that it is, but since we’re a close-knit group we all know each other well enough to get a decent present. Everyone seemed chuffed with theirs, and I was super excited to give mine.

You see, three days before the Secret Santa was due I decided to completely lose my mind and knit a pair of mittens for my recipient’s gift. He’s a big sports fan so I knitted him a pair of Toronto Maple Leaf-inspired mittens, and somehow I managed to get them finished less than an hour before my shift started that day. I wanted to swiss-darn a pattern on the mittens but ended up crocheting a maple leaf for them instead, but it turned out okay and I was pleased with them.

Of course that coworker turned up in a Toronto Maple Leafs Christmas sweater that day, so I spent all day excited about him opening his gift (which included a couple of other items along the same theme). It seemed to take forever to get to him but he opened them and gave me a hug and I was pleased.

This is why knitting for decent people is fun; they get a kick out of it, and you get a hug.

Still, I’m only about 40% of the way through a large gift that I need to finish by Christmas Eve, so I probably should have reconsidered the whole idea before it took hold.

No regrets.

Are you guys doing Christmas knitting this year? How is it going?


7 thoughts on “Of course I forget to take a picture.

  1. so great that you got that idea and he loved them! My Christmas knitting is all done except for the one that won’t be – a huge scarf that should have been mailed last week. It will be a great surprise when it arrives in January. But hats and other scarves are done and ready to be delivered on the big day. Mitten garland and ornaments are done and have been delivered. Please don’t ask me about my Christmas cards…


  2. I like the little touches that make gifts so personal, nice to get hugs too 🙂 I challenged myself to knit my three youngest daughters Christmas jumpers, I’m partway through the last one. The trouble is this one is for my three year old and after seeing the pattern take shape she doesn’t want it. Everyone is a critic 🙂 she prefers her sister’s snowman jumper, too late now, ungrateful little wretch 🙂 New challenge for next year, still gotta do those socks.


  3. How cool! That’s the kind of gift knitting I like to do best; hopefully it was worth the time away from your other gift knitting. I’m doing very little this year but I did end up knitting a few things for co-workers and it was pretty fun!


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