Happy new year!

Everyone has been down on 2016. I get it, I do, but blaming a year for the events within it seems a handy way to avoid thinking about what is really going on.

2017 is here. It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure, and I hope everyone can find the strength to face whatever challenges come.

This is going to be a hard year for many, I think, but one thing 2016 has taught me is that you are responsible for the state of your happiness. Not always, as external factors do play a huge part and I am as familiar as the next mentally ill person with internal factors, but we have more control than we think on how we react to any of that. We tell our own stories. This year, as in 2016, I’m going to tell mine with a positive twist.

I have big plans for the year and a good tool to organise my way out of procrastination – more on that soon! 

How are you guys feeling about the new year?


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