Here, have a cute cat.

It’s dark and cold outside (though positively balmy for the time of year!) and the craziest season of the year is finally over. Those of us who get worn out by all the socialising can take a good long nap, and those of us who thrive off it have our batteries all powered up for a while. It’s time to wind down a bit.

Because of that, my brain has thoroughly switched off.

I’m going to share my bullet journal soon to show you guys what I’ve been doing to get 2017 under some control, but until then I’m going to do what all people on the interwebs eventually boil down to: I’m going to show you my cat.

This is Luna. She is rather large and a bright white colour. I call her ‘Beluga’ more often than her actual name, and ‘buttface’ even more, but that’s because I call all animals I love ‘buttface’, not I don’t know why. Because I’m secretly a five-year-old?

Anyway, Luna-Beluga-buttface thinks that she is subtle. She thinks we will not notice when she creeps stealthily onto us. She really likes being up close to my face, even when I’m sitting up, so she will often use my entire chest as a kind of horizontal bed. This amuses me greatly so I was impressed recently when I managed to get it on video.


4 thoughts on “Here, have a cute cat.

  1. My cat is exactly the same, the closer the better. He’ll curl up like a baby with his head on my chest and stare at me, quite disconcerting but it keeps him happy. Though he misses out when I’m knitting. I have to give up when he invades so he’s banished to lesser beings, I’m the only one that gets cuddles though.


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