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Yarn bowls and randomness

A while ago (maybe a year?) my lovely friend Frankie sent me a yarn bowl that’s just adorable. It has a pointy nose and little ears and it is pleasing to the touch. I use it whenever I knit at my desk, and it’s the only yarn bowl I have.

It’s interesting to me that a potter would sit down and make something like this. It’s very specific! I love that they do, though; it gives knitters something fun to use and look at, and I’ve seen some really creative examples. I’m sure some people who work with ceramics/clay are knitters themselves, or have knitters of their own. Creativity tends to overlap.

I love my yarn bowl. Do you have one? Do you use it?

For a general update on The Life of Polo: I am currently enjoying a continuation of renewed ambition that’s been building for a few months. It is aimed at all areas of my life. Over the past few days I’ve become totally overwhelmed by it to the point I began feeling like a failure in some areas and had a mini meltdown. It doesn’t help that though the Christmas holidays were fun, it was a lot of socialising and I am EXHAUSTED from all the people. I kind of want to nap for a year or so.

The fact is that I have a lot of interests. I read (a lot). I write. I am a salesperson in my working life. I knit. I crochet. I experiment with other fibrecrafts when the inspiration hits. I occasionally bind books. I journal. I do nail art. I run. I paint. I sing. I play guitar and ukulele. I try to get involved in activism. I am a plethora of random things, and that was entirely an excuse to say ‘plethora’.


What a great word.

Anyway, I have a vague idea of where I want my life to go now which should be determined quite soundly in whether or not I get into the MEd course I’m applying for in Adult Learning. We’ll see. In the meantime I am focusing my intense inspiration in other areas and hoping for the best.

Another random thing: for Christmas my girlfriend got us tickets to see the Matilda musical in Toronto. It was GLORIOUS. I identified heavily with Matilda as a kid; I was the weirdo who couldn’t quite connect with others around and mostly just got lost in books, so she was my idol. I loved the book and the movie a lot, and now I can say I love the musical too. I’m very grateful that my girlfriend gave me such an awesome present.

That’s a general update on me! I’m trying to be better about not getting overwhelmed by my blog, because I love it and want it to continue, and that’s a huge part because of all the wonderful people I’ve met through it.

So, wonderful people. What’s new?


9 thoughts on “Yarn bowls and randomness

  1. I would love to see a picture of your yarn bowl! I have one ceramic bowl, a felted bowl my SIL gave me, and two ceramic bowls that weren’t intended to be yarn bowls but serve the purpose. I try to use them whenever I’m knitting and watching TV, but if the bowl is on the table and I’m on the couch, there’s a lovely length of yarn in between that the dogs just HAVE to run into, thus pulling out extra yarn along the floor. So yes, I have them, I just don’t use them as much as I’d like to!

    I know what you mean about the post-holiday exhaustion; I feel it a bit too. Good luck getting into the program–how exciting that would be!


  2. I do have a yarn bowl and I really love it. My friend does wood working and had never heard of a knitting bowl until I showed him a picture….my bowl is beautiful. I also have a slightly smaller bowl for candies and sometimes it becomes a knitting bowl. These bowls came from a tree on our property so are extra special.
    Love your posts…stay well!


  3. During my first semester in college, a guy in one of my groups used the word “plethora.” Me and another member were just like, “There’s no way that’s a real word!” We were so sure that he had just made it up that we asked the teacher over to tell us if it was a word. Haha (This was before smartphones were such a big thing – that makes me sound old).


  4. I use a tea pot as my yarn bowl/holder, if I need one. Typically I have my yarn in a zip lock, not quite zipped closed.
    I also try to slip plethora in the conversation….definitely on my favorite word list!


  5. Funny, I’ve been on the verge of posting about yarn bowls myself! I don’t have one, but have tried using an ordinary bowl (pinched from the kitchen) as a substitute.The yarn just ends up bouncing around and ends up on the floor anyway if I’m too enthusiastic! I gifted a yarn bowl to a friend and tried it out myself before I wrapped it – that slit down the side makes a big difference. Would love to see a pic of your YB. 🙂


  6. What is a yarn bowl? I’ve never heard of them. Off to Google. I’m exhausted just reading all your interests:) Sounds like a lot of fun. For some reason I thought it would be good volunteering at another guiding unit so am off to my first rainbows meeting tonight and then straight on to guides, I must be mad. We managed 7 blankets for the homeless in the end. Not bad as most of them hadn’t done any knitting before.


  7. Nope, no yarn bowl. I am thinking of saving one of my Lysol wipes containers as a container though. Plus I do have a special leather “bag” my guy made me. From scratch. Totally by hand. With a handle so I can hang it from a hook on the dash to knit while he’s driving or on my wrist any ol’ time. I wanted just something for like a pair of socks, but this holds three skeins of sock yarn and is long enough to include my longest straight needles. It is a treasure.

    My word of the the day is “Wubba wubba.” I took my new min schnauzer pup, “Jeffrey’s Christmas Wishes” aka Tinsel, shopping and she picked out two squeaky Kong toys that have “wubba wubba” printed on them. We name all the toys as we have learned schnauzers will remember every name and where every toy is when we play the “where is……? game.” So one is wubba ball and the other is wubba tiger. (She also picked out a fuzzy pink squeaking duck and I do mean she picked it over a really cute squeaky pig that was my choice…not fuzzy)

    Anyway, I am finding just saying “wubba wubba” kind of makes one feel less blue and lot more silly, smiley. Try it!


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