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Raccoon Tattoo part deux

On Saturday, I finished my raccoon tattoo. I went to Toronto (New Tribe tattoos), sat down, and let someone stab ink into my skin again. It’s a great time. The raccoon is finished, although I suspect he might need a touch up once he’s healed (I have bad skin in the winter and think that it might have lifted some of the black from before). Despite that, I’m super happy with it, and I’m definitely going back to Wes in the future.

You might remember that this was originally a cover-up. I had a cat tattoo, very simple and small, that was badly done. There were bits I never got touched up and the moon looked terrible. I loved it despite its flaws, but it was time for a change, so I finally made the decision to cover it up.

Since I love raccoons more than most North Americans could ever understand, I decided upon a big raccoon surrounded by leaves. I had only a vague vision, and my artist made it awesome. Raccoons are so smart and adaptable, and have really touching family lives; they’re very generous creatures with one another, and they’re also hilarious. Definitely hilarious.

Without further ado, here is my completed tattoo. I’m using the picture from Wes’s instagram purely because all my pictures are blurry! Please click the link to go look at his work, he’s very talented.

From Wes.Pratt @ Instagram

Once it heals I shall take more, but I have to get through a week or so of wanting to claw my own arm off, so I’ll get back to you on the other side of itchy-healing hell. (He said it will be worse this time because of all the colour. Yay.)

In the meantime I’m going to take today to knit, since I haven’t had much of a chance for a while. Luckily knitting doesn’t bother my still-aching tattoo.


8 thoughts on “Raccoon Tattoo part deux

  1. It’s looking really good 🙂 I used to use bepanthan, a nappy cream, it’s good but sticks to everything. Just discovered Tattoo Goo, absolutely lovely, really good but that’s in England. My last one was between my shoulder blades and drove me barmy, had to get my hubby to wash and cream it for me.


    1. Oh man that’s a nightmare – just out of reach! At least my arm is easy to get to. I’m using a plain thick moisturiser right now but someone above suggested coconut oil so I’m going to try that.

      It hasn’t actually started itching yet, which is nice.


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