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Lack of Knitting Time

Due to some circumstances changing in my life, I don’t have as much knitting time as I used to. I haven’t finished a major project I’ve been working on, and nor have I finished a hat I’m knitting for a coworker. I started a pair of socks to knit on my breaks at work just because I’m so desperate to knit socks, but in general I don’t have as much time as I used to for the knitting frenzy.

Of course, tonight is knit night which is the best night of the week (proven by Science). It is when I go hang out at my LYS with a bunch of fabulous folk making bad jokes and eating cookies. Thankfully, it’s also two hours of completely uninterrupted knitting time, which is just what I need.

Since I can’t knit too much right now, help me out. Give me my fix! What’s on your needles? A link or a picture would be greatly appreciated. Let me live vicariously through you.


8 thoughts on “Lack of Knitting Time

  1. I’m finishing up the last two inches of a cocoon (long shrug) for myself. It doesn’t photograph well at this stage as it is simply a large rectangle which will eventually be folded down on itself to create sort of a turtle shell with arm openings. It’s all stockinette (minus the two inches of ribbing on each end, which I’m not counting in the “last two inches” calculation, as the ribbing will breeze by once I finish this never-ending stockinette). It’s all one color. It’s going to be lovely to wear, but oh it is boring, boring, boring to knit!
    I’m struggling with the “OMGosh, this is incredibly tedious!” syndrome, the “last few inches” syndrome and the “this is for me, so not so important” syndrome. The last two inches are, of course, taking longer than the previous 40 did… that’s a physical law of knitting, isn’t it?
    I’m making myself finish it by not allowing myself to cast on for any one of several interesting projects that I have waiting for me … I will be disciplined. I will be disciplined. I will be …


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