Project Hibernation: It works

I finished a shawl a few weeks ago. It was fun, and it is my first self-designed shawl, but I finished it and decided I didn’t like it. The shape was wrong and the pattern didn’t look right and I decided that I would rip back a few inches to redo it, but put it down instead and forgot about it.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m cleaning out my ‘office’ (which is really just a desk in the corner of a spare room) and I find the aforementioned shawl. Turns out… it doesn’t suck. Not at all. I held it up, went ‘huh’ a few times, then decided to block it to see what happened.

What happened is that I’ve got a shawl that I really, really love. It’s beautiful, guys. It’s simple and just a little bit weird and the yarn works so well with it.

I’m sick at the moment so I’m not up to taking artistic photos so I’ll save that for another day. For now you can take a peek at a preview of it while I get around to weaving in the ends.

Turns out that leaving a project in a random heap for a month or more does wonders for perspective.


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