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It’s a walk in the park.

Still no knitting time for me.

I’ve had a massage which I think helped, but we’ll see. I’ve been stretching. Any day now I’m going to be able to get back on that baby blanket and get it finished in time for the little thing to enter the world.

Since I can’t knit, I’ve been spinning and journaling a lot. I’ve also been doing all those things ordinary human beings do, since I am definitely an ordinary human being and not a cyborg sent from the year 5,192.

That is, I’ve been going to nature conservation areas and making friends with chipmunks and turkeys.

Lynde Shores is a place of wonderment not far from where I live. It’s filled with awesome cute animals who are extremely well-fed and don’t mind coming up to meet humans and/or cyborgs.


This little beasty let me pet him. He was far too interested in the seed on the ground to care about me. Either that or he was thrilled to get a free massage with his meal.

There were a lot of birds around, including the aforementioned turkeys and some very pretty blue jays. I’ve never seen a blue jay in the wild before, so that was exciting. There were also a lot of woodpeckers and a few white-breasted nuthatch, which for some reason are constantly in my brain as ‘white-chested stone hatch’. Google found them for me after rolling its eyes dramatically.



I didn’t get good pictures of most of the birds. Turns out they’re much faster than my phone camera can handle.

Somehow this chipmunk let me admire his cuteness for quite some time, though, so I will leave you with a video I took on the day.


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