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You spin me right round baby

Let’s get this out of the way right now: I still cannot knit. Yes, I’m frustrated. Yes, all I want is to sit and crack out a few hours of baby blanket. Yet in the meantime I am thoroughly enjoying a few other things.

Most of all? Spinning.

Last year at the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto I bought a Turkish Spindle. I also bought some fluff, by which I mean alpaca roving. Later that year, I went on vacation via an alpaca farm and bought some very nice roving there, too.

I did nothing with any of it.

This year at the Knitter’s Frolic, I had no desire to look at or purchase yarn. After all, I can’t use it. I’m taking that personally and holding a grudge against yarn in general despite the fact it’s my stupid posture that did the damage, logic has no place in a frustrated knitter’s mind. Since yarn was out of the picture, I bought more fluff.

This time the fluff was 300g of organic superfine merino roving. Folks, it’s like touching a cloud. I had emotions. It’s beautiful and I love it.

When I got home, I picked up some of the roving from Nuevo Norte Alpacas and gave it a go. I watched ten minutes of a fifteen minute YouTube video on what to do and decided I was an expert, and off I went.

It didn’t go too badly! (It also didn’t go well.)


If you ask me, I’ll tell you it’s art yarn. That’s what anyone with bumpy, uneven yarn says, right?

I’ve tried a few times and even got to plying pretty quickly which was a lot of fun. Then, because now I obviously know everything there is to know (pahahaha) I bought some Malabrigo Nube and spun that, too.


This is actually going quite well, even if I’m doing it wrong (I am, but I won’t tell you how in case some spinners out there have a heart attack. I won’t be responsible for the carnage.)

20170522_114919It’s mostly even, at least compared to my last attempts. I’m about halfway in which means I can start on the second lot soon and then ply it. I’m loving it, and it’s making me feel like I can eventually start spinning with the cloud of merino.

One day.

In the meantime, a good friend of mine asked me to show her how to use her Turkish spindle. Amy is a very talented knitter and also the reason I have even heard of the Knitter’s Frolic, plus she offered to feed me, so I went over last Sunday morning and brought my spinning. I gave her some bad instructions, mostly on what not to do, and she magically made this.

I think she’s probably an alien.

Do I have any other spinners in my midst? Tell me your secrets! Show me your wares! Don’t look too closely at my pictures for fear of the uneven wonkiness!


3 thoughts on “You spin me right round baby

  1. Wow, they look pretty good to me. To be honest I’ve not even thought of spinning though I do find the idea intriguing.


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