Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Inspiration #3

Uh oh, I’m at it again. Spreading the bullet journal love all over this blog. I’ve been possessed by the Ghost of Owning Too Many Pens.

(I regret nothing.)

A lot of my favourite bullet journalers are very talented artists, too. It’s always nice to watch someone make something beautiful, so I like watching/following people who let this journal be an opportunity to create amazing things in the most mundane of places. After all, a bullet journal is just a planner at its heart, yet people make it their own.

One such person is Amanda Rach Lee, who draws so well and has a great attitude to her spreads and use of the journal. I find watching things like this very peaceful.

You can also find Amanda on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Again, if you have a bullet journal or any thoughts about the whole thing, comment below. I’m fascinated by the whole thing, can you tell?


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