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9 adorable needle-felted animals

Fibre is the best. It is the most of all the funs. It is GREAT.

I still can’t knit, but that’s okay. I also can’t felt today, but that’s okay too! There is the interwebs which is full of pictures of things other people have made. Sure, it’s making me want to go do all the things, but I’ll store that inspiration away for another day and get excited.

Since I don’t have any new creations to share, I thought I’d show you folks some of the fun things I’ve seen around. If you haven’t seen what I needle-felted the other day for my partner, go take a look at a fuzzy narwhal.

I’ve tried to credit these, but they’re from Pinterest so no guarantees on the reliability. If you know something’s miscredited, lemme know and I’ll be sure to switch it up.

Cute raccoon felted toy
Maggie the Raccoon: Needle felted animal sculpture by The Woolen Wagon
Yorkie felted cutie thing
OOAK Realistic Miniature Yorkie
Needle felted baby seal, awww
Baby seal miniature on Etsy
Chinchilla, I think?
Sea otter adorable needle-felting
From here
The cutest of needle-felted sloths
The cutest of sloths
Cute needle-felted fox.
Cute fox! From here.
Fluffy needle-felted cat.
Fluffy needle-felted cat.



One thought on “9 adorable needle-felted animals

  1. Ooh, that Fox is adorable. It’s amazing to think these are strands of fibre and to make it you stab it a lot. There are some very clever people out there, i’d love an ounce of talent 🙂


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