What are you reading?

Since I have a lot of non-knitting time these days, I’m trying to distract myself with reading. At the moment I’m reading the third in a series; it’s called A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas. I love this series enough that I actually preordered this one, but I’m only just getting around to it now since I’ve had a backlog of reading.

I guess this is good timing since I start school in a month and won’t have time to do anything ever again.

So, folks. What are you reading? Is it any good? What do you think?

Feel free to chatter in the comments. Book discussions are the best.


8 thoughts on “What are you reading?

  1. Just finished Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. HIGHLY. recommend. And did you see the second season of Revisionist History is now streaming? Something to be GLADwell about.

    Ugh. Why do you guy keep me with a sense of humour like that??

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    1. I keep you around because bad puns are the best puns. 😉

      Oh yeah I’ve been listening to the new episodes of the podcast with sheer glee. The one about the Civil Rights statue was fascinating. HE’S SO COOL. I haven’t read Outliers yet, just Blink, but will get to it.

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  2. I haven’t picked up a book since I finished the dark tower, I can’t multi task I either read or knit, it’s all encompassing. I’m part way through a Christmas jumper and am now getting frustrated, my daughter gave me a book called Raven blood eye by Giles Kristian which is calling to me. I need more hours in the day 🙂

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      1. Make it five, just to be sure 🙂
        My husband has just subscribed to a book club called nocturnal readers box, if you like horror stories it’s worth a look. You get a couple of books and items linked by themes.


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